About The Princess Within

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Our Mission

To Empower, Inspire and Equip Girls to Discover the Princess that Lies Within.

The Princess Within Foundation seeks to cultivate self-esteem, while providing cultural exposure, educational enrichment, nutrition education programs, recreational activities, character and leadership development and conflict resolution strategies to at-risk girls, ages 8-21, from all socio economic backgrounds. Our purpose is to establish within them a healthy sense of identity and purpose, and to make available to them enhanced mentorship and educational opportunities. The Foundation implements programming year round that empowers girls to love themselves unconditionally, and to maximize their potential in efforts to achieve academic, holistic and career success.

The Princess Within Offers

  • Mentoring
  • Academic Advising
  • Team Building Programs
  • Youth Leadership Seminars
  • Counseling/Life Coaching
  • Empowerment Workshops
  • Crisis Intervention/Mediation Services

Princess Principles

Are you ready to discover the Princess that lies within?

Are you interested in excelling academically, overcoming obstacles and achieving your dreams?

Are you interested in connecting with other like minded young girls who are committed to maximizing their potential & being the Princess that they were created to be?

Princesses realize that although they are passionately pursuing their purpose they are not perfect.

Princesses understand that they must invest twice as much time into their homework as they do their hair and spending time with their friends.

Princesses understand the value of communication & are willing to admit when they are wrong and willing to work to make it right.

Princesses apologize even when they do not feel like taking ownership for their actions.

Princesses work hard and then succeed on purpose.